30 March 2009


It's been a long winter, and our first in the new house. Forgive the pause in posts. The metal roofs prove to be a force to be reckoned with after snow. It comes off the sides with a gusto and compacts into ice berms quickly. My studio was encased within a protective snow barrier for most of the winter. I'll be printing soon! Almost all our snow is gone now, finally!

18 November 2008

The Atlas of Early Printing

If you're a printing junkie like me, you will certainly appreciate this site: The Atlas of Early Printing. In addition to an amazing Flash interactive map depicting the spread of printing technology throughout Europe in the late fifteenth century, there is an astounding resource page and a link page that could take you years to fully explore.

Happy clicking!

12 November 2008

"November November"

Hi All. I'm entering an ...awesome Modish give-away...and I wanted to let you know about it so you can visit the Modish blog and enter too, if you like.

04 September 2008

Enough Packing?

Hey, Are you slowly mashing your type to bits by printing without enough packing material, like I did today? If you have ugly impressions all the way through your paper onto the backside, then yes! Check out this discussion on the proper amount over at Briar Press. It's where I go looking for answers.

Happy Printing...eventually!


One last project before everything has to be packed away for the big move!

22 August 2008


Big News! The workshop is moving!

Well, technically, my whole house is moving, which includes the "workshop", but now Chrysanthemum Press will have its own little corner of the world as opposed to a little corner of an already overstuffed room.

My printing and hobbying is moving into a this outbuilding on the property of OUR NEW HOUSE! It has a cozy little stove and a window and electrical power and is the perfect size for a letterpress printing studio! Look forward to bigger, better, more once I get unpacked!

03 July 2008

APA membership is in the bag

I finally sent off my 155 prop cards to the APA mailer. Whew! With my limited capabilities and novice printer status, even that was a big project. On the bright side, I am know very aware of what supplies and parts I need and what supplies and parts I want...

Live and learn and print!